Collab Zone

ANZ Small Business Hub

Bureau worked with ANZ during a 12-month program to create a community content hub, Collab Zone, for Australian small businesses.

During this time, Bureau strategically planned a variety of digital and social media content that would resonate with this audience to ensure ongoing engagement. This work included:

  • Research and development of 10 weekly articles published in ANZ’s Collab Zone with the intention of seeking SME engagement.
  • Developing a social media campaign to increase traffic to the community hub.
  • Creating video and social media content for ANZ to promote the hub at the Smart50 Awards, an annual list of Australia’s fastest growing businesses. Bureau created content for ANZ in the lead up and following the awards to promote Collab Zone to its target audience.

The content program has achieved a high level of audience engagement with SME numbers on the platform growing weekly. The awards, held on November 22, 2018, featured a number of ANZ executives and increased the profile of Collab Zone markedly.

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