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How to see your favourite Facebook content

Facebook recently updated its algorithm meaning you’ll be seeing a lot more content from friends and family as opposed to Facebook Pages you’ve previously liked. If you’re missing your favourite updates in recent weeks, we have a simple remedy. 

The social media network’s move to demote content from publishers and brands in favour of friends and family has been motivated by the need for more ‘meaningful interactions’, longer and more thoughtful comments and less passive scrolling through videos, articles and images.

While it can be argued that many of us absorb our content, whether it be entertainment or news, by scrolling rather than actively commenting on every post, Facebook is keen for us to be more engaged in the platform, particularly with family and friends.  

Of course, as the user, it’s likely you would prefer to stipulate what qualifies as meaningful. If you’re more interested in digesting news from Huffington Post and SmartCompany or having a laugh at The Betoota Advocate as opposed to seeing numerous family and friend posts such as your uncle’s golf update, then make sure you read below.

Mobile instructions

Open the Facebook app on your phone, go to bottom right hand corner and click on more which takes you to Explore. Click on settings at the bottom, then News Feed preferences and click on ‘Prioritise who to see first’. 

Facebook rolled out this product last year and it’s a way to flag pages or profiles you want to see at the top of your news feed every time they post something new.

Desktop instructions

Visit the page or profile you want to “see first” and be sure you are already a friend or follower of that page. Click the blue “Following” button and a menu of options will appear. Click “See First.”